Open edX Developer Documentation Hub

Welcome new and returning Open edX developers!

This is the central repository for documentation that will help you work with Open edX code.

New to Open edX development? Start here

This quick overview is intended for developers new to the Open edX platform, junior and senior alike.

After you’ve reviewed these topics you’ll be ready for more detail on our architecture, or you can prepare for active development with the topics in “Information for all Open edX developers.”

Information for all Open edX developers

You will likely use some or all of the information in this section as you progress in your Open edX development work. Take a look through the topics here before you begin writing code.

Roadmap to development setup

Recommended setup for development, testing, and deployment.

Technology common to core and extensions

Common elements shared by core platform and extension work.

Contributing to Open edX code and documentation

If you want to contribute to Open edX code or documentation, review these topics.

Open edX proposals

Help us decide what comes next and see how we made decisions: our technical proposals.

Extending the Open edX platform

If you want to extend Open edX functionality, review these topics.

If you want to contribute to the Open edX repositories, see Contributing to Open edX code and documentation.

Technical reference

Review this information at your leisure.

Architecture and engineering Confluence information hub

Confluence page for notes, thoughts, and project-related documents on Open edX architecture and engineering.

Open edX glossary

Glossary of terms unique to the Open edX environment.

Supported browsers

Supported browsers

Named releases

Named releases